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Maison Corinna Houidi stands for individuality and independence.
The label opens a world to luxurious high fashion, fused with the energy of the street, precise handmade details and strong silhouettes.
Designer Corinna Houidi founded the label in 2012 and started with a special accessory: FANTÔME, Maison Corinna Houidi's keypiece, which in a short time became a recognizable trademark of the label, reflecting its street style nature.
Feminine and masculine elements as well as soft and hard details leave a lot of room for unisex interpretations in the mostly very wide cut pieces.
With individual and avant-garde designs Corinna Houidi distances herself from mainstream trends and creates her very own looks that invite you to dream.


Our Vision & Philosophy  

The vision and philosophy behind pieces of Maison Corinna Houidi is the feeling of self-empowerment and strength, freedom from rules and regulations, rebellion against the mainstream, the uniqueness of the life of each of us.  
Designer Corinna Houidi lets melt hard and soft. 

Masculine and feminine elements flows through each of her collections. 

She creates the look of the future and designs modern, timeless luxury that goes beyond fashion. Her aim is always to evoke positive energies in people through enthusiasm and pleasure in the pieces. To pass on to the customer an inner fire that she felt already during the design process.  
It is less about material values and more about emotional, authentic values. 

Our unique creations are very detailed, require a lot of love, time and handwork as well as attention to detail and many people working on them. When realising each model, Corinna rely on high-quality, durable and exclusive materials as well as sustainable and fair production in Europe, where the production partners have the necessary sensitivity and expertise to produce these outstanding and complex pieces. 
All these steps that a piece goes through until it is finished require a lot of teamwork, mutural trust and appreciation from everyone involved in its realisation. 
In the end, it is a joint success and the product is a piece of jewellery. 
Corinna keeps all the positive energy flowing from the designing process stage through production to the finished product and finally to the customer. 
With this way of developing clothes that last for many years, Maison Corinna Houidi belongs to the innovative slow fashion brands. We thus contribute a very important part to the appreciation of resources as well as to the resistance against the ever more fast-moving world of the throwaway society and want to continue to do so in the future through our work. 
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